Wow! It's finally starting to happen. Changes in my life that have been building for many years are just hitting that tipping point and becoming real. I wanted to post this first, so that many of you who typically see me only in a professional life will know to look away. :) My posts here are likely to get more personal. The surprising catalyst for making this public was a comment in a forum. Someone took note of the .signature line I've used for most of my career, and that appeared in almost all of my web presence 'about' boxes:

Husband & Father ( i also write software )

There's a great story behind that (that many of you have heard) involved my desire to share my priorities with the people i deal with professionally. That being a good mate and a good parent were always going to be more important than any other endeavor. That life balance sense is still true. And many in the industry have comented on that and learned from that tag line.

But several of those pieces are different now. My parenting is different because my amazing kid is now grown and out of the house. And what it means for me to be a husband is different as well. More on that to come.

So now, my tagline will be more generic, but also more true to who I am in this moment.

bassist, agilist, learner, enthusiast

  • I am a Bassist as near to full time as I can be
  • I am an Agilist, coaching agility in software teams, much more than a coder
  • I am a Learner, always questioning and incorporating new things
  • I am continually living Enthusiastically... It's probably the biggest comment I hear from those who know me.

So there you have it. A first sense of how much my world is changing. And posting now simply because someone pointed out the tagline I've used for decades. :)