Like all of you (yes all! ) I live a life integrating many roles and activities.  As I've lived, I've learned that I'm the same person in all of them.   After reading this little bit, I hope you'll see the same thread that I see.


I'm a software developer, architect, analyst and mentor. I've taken startups from concept to prototype, hiring and leading the team all the way through to shipping the product. Lately I've noticed that my greatest enjoyment comes from building the teams and in the relationships built in those teams, the growth in the team members and seeing them continue in the industry.

I've been a husband to Jeanne and father to Maggie and I'm honored to serve them in that role. And my life is broader than those definitions.   :)


I'm a bassist, electric and upright.  It's been my joy to play music most of my life.  From Classical Guitar at 13 to playing rhythm acoustic for worship in youth group to picking up bass because our church needed someone to fill that supportive role, music has always been a part of my life.  In every one of those settings, I was always happiest playing music with others  and just doing my part to support the art that we were creating.

Now I'm completely consumed with playing bass. I study, practice, rehearse and hone my craft.  And yet, for me, it's all about supplying that foundation, that consistent groove, the harmonic underpinning that makes the song work.

Do you see the thread?  I hope so.  And I hope some time I'll get the chance to serve and support you whether it's in software, music or life.