Being a Bassist

Thru much of my working life, I stopped playing music.  Well... weekly bassist for the Sunday morning worship time... but for the most part, I just let it dry up.  The closing off of that artistic outlet took it's toll.  And about 2006 I really launched back into making music a priority in my life.

When I did, I put the same depth of thought into my role in the music.  I'd been technical, flashy, worshipping heroes like Mark King, Jaco, Nathan East and Marcus Miller and doing my best to emulate them.  This time, I came at it from the the needs of the band, and of the song.  I really started to mature as an artist and become much happier with the performances that resulted.

It's about that time that I made the connection... I'm the foundation (bass usually supplies the fundamental note).  I'm the basis on which the song rests.  In fact, remove the bass and things come to a halt; people stop dancing, the drive of the song lets up (sometimes to artistic effect).  I realized I've never really had that need to solo, to be out front, to do flashy things  I'm happier supplying the stage for others to shine.   I'm a bassist, and I embody that role whether I'm in a software team, a community of good friends, or i'm performing in the studio or on the stage.     That's when I knew what my first should be.  :)


I've felt honored to work with Christopher Worth as the recording bassist for each of Six Foot Soul and Two and the forthcoming third album Pardon Me!  Excited to share that one with you all later this year. 


Ian James Band

The Ian James Band is still working on getting the first album to production, now that it's fully engineered and mastered, thanks to the amazing Justin Phelps and The Hallowed Halls.