I guess my first reaction is this.... The winning party describes a country that is not my country.

The hard-right, "christian conservative" majority of this country is not the community i live in. We're as divided as any time in my lifetime. The cities voted overwhelmingly liberal. The prairie, the suburbs, voted overwhelmingly conservative. I don't see any real overlap.

This would simply be politics except for the impression the world gets that this ruling party speaks for the country. The international community will judge us based on what W and the republican majority decide. I believe those choices will continue to erode our respect and standing in the world and continue to support the arguments of our enemies. We are less safe with this president.

This hits me where I live, making me worry for the security of our home and about the prospect of terrorist acts in my community. It makes me want to scream "I didn't support them!", to somehow convince the rest of the world that the actions of my government are not the choices of all the people.

it also makes me consider finding a community in the world that is more in keeping with my values.