I gotta ask you, Portland Tech Community: Where do you find the time!!??

I mean, seriously!

I'm continuously amazed as I follow the tweets from @ahockley, @hundreddollar, @stevenwalling and so many others. You all seem to appear at @beerandblog, a hundred user groups and other gatherings, along with the work that you do and so much more.

And I can see the intrinsic value and the marketing and networking value of these involvements! Truly.

But I just can't see it. It's every moment I have just to do my work: coding and leading and managing, and then live my life: Maggie and her friends, Jeanne and music.

It's probably an oversimplification to merely write this off as "life priorities", since I'm sure everyone mentioned also has a life they lead. Or to call it a "stage of life" thing, since I'm not that much older. Or am I just a slacker, laying claim to my full eight hours of sleep and an hour of exercise daily.


Well, no answers... but I really don't know how they do it. And I'd love to get out to @BeerAndBlog one of these days. Comment, or email me, or let me buy you a coffee... if we can find the time. :)